Important Points When Selling Your Home


Hire a AAA broker

How will you find the agent or broker who’s going to represent you in the sale of your property? Well there are these ways:

  • Look in the yellow pages- NO! x
  • Walk into your local real estate office & just pick someone- NO! x
  • Have someone you barely know tell you who they think you should use- NO!x

OR the right way

  • Look for a professional on Zillow or Trulia & read their reviews or testimonials- YES!check-02
  • Take a referral from a friend or family member or someone you know who has recently sold their home with that person- YES!check-02

Price it right

How will you determine the correct listing price for your property? Well there are these ways:

  • Ask a friend, family member or anyone who has no experience in real estate – NO!x
  • Base it on your tax assessment- NO!x
  • Price it the same as you heard your neighbor sold for- NO!x

OR the right way

  • Do some of your own research on local comparable sales (if you can get that information)check-02
  • Ask your Realtor’s advice & listen to them!check-02

Make a great 1st impression

  • Clear the clutter
  • Have great/bright lighting throughout the home
  • Keep it clean
  • Don’t have any distractions
  • People & animals should be out!
  • Fix anything that is broken, chipped, cracked, etc.

Take all offers (from qualified buyers) seriously:

Sellers sometimes make the mistake of refusing reasonable offers early in the listing. Your best offers typically come in the beginning, when the property first appears on the market. The longer your home sits out there, the less attractive it will become to active house hunters. Additionally, the longer you hold on to it, the more money it will cost you in taxes, utilities & other expenses, there will be more wear & tear, if it’s winter you’ll have to deal with shoveling, etc. AND….you won’t be able to move onto your new home!

Hire the best team to work for you:

More often than not, a real estate professional will recommend, refer or suggest other real estate related professionals to assist with the transaction, whether it be for the buyer, the seller or both. If you are working with a reputable broker or agent &/or someone to whom you have been referred, I urge you to take these recommendations seriously. A good REAL ESTATE attorney, licensed home inspector or engineer, title company, mortgage professional & in some cases a home stager/professional organizer, licensed plumber, licensed electrician & handyman are PARAMOUNT to a successful sale. No real estate agent or broker worth their weight would recommend anyone other than THE BEST people as these professionals are a direct reflection on THEM. So when your agent gives you a referral (very likely someone they’ve worked with before), consider it seriously before taking someone else’s advice. When buying or selling a home, wouldn’t you want to have THE BEST team in your corner?

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