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  • Sep 3, 2013
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Buyers and Sellers – Don’t be “fooled” by the market

According to real estate professionals, it’s ALWAYS a great time to buy & sell a home. This is true, if you’re REALLY ready to buy & REALLY ready to sell. What does this mean?  Selling &/or buying a home are not only need-based, but also emotional. A person needs to be ready in both cases. Asking a buyer &/or seller questions such as “How soon would you like to be in your new home?” & “What are your reasons for buying or selling?” are critical. When there’s a change or swing in the market, people may THINK they want to buy or sell for economic reasons, however, they must also be emotionally ready. Additionally, in a market such as we’re in right now, where once again there is a shortage of inventory & prices have risen, sellers have become greedy, thinking that they “can get more” than the offers they’ve received or that “they should wait” because prices are going to continue to rise. Having that attitude is taking a big risk if a homeowner needs to sell NOW. By not accepting a very good offer in the beginning when their home is first on the market, the offers which follow will more than likely be lower. Conversely, when it’s a buyers’ market & prices have fallen & inventory is high, many purchasers take the position that they should “wait” because “prices may come down further” or “next week there will be some new homes on the market”. If buyers have that attitude, they may miss out on an opportunity & then regret not making an offer on a home they loved. So “don’t be fooled by the market”. If an opportunity presents itself to you, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, GRAB IT because you never know what the future will bring & it may not be worth the risk.

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