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  • Jul 10, 2013
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Brooklyn Is On The Map!

Have you noticed lately that no matter where you go or with whom you speak, you find people either FROM Brooklyn (originally, currently OR they have relatives or friends there) or they KNOW about Brooklyn (in a POSITIVE way)? Well there’s a good reason for that– Brooklyn is on the map! One might ask, “Why is Brooklyn suddenly there?” It all comes down to one thing– people need a place to live & they want to live HERE! The simple fact is, Brooklyn is the largest of the 5 boroughs & offers such a large variety of foods, shopping & housing stock.

This is due in large part to the fabulous cultural diversity so prevalent here. One major reason we have become so popular is because of our great borough President, Marty Markowitz. He has been THE BEST cheerleader for Brooklyn EVER. Because of his popularity & promotion of our borough, we are now known the world over. For the past several years, there’s been a strong migration from Manhattanites into Brooklyn for the obvious reason of being able to purchase much more for their money, hence the demand is up & supply down. With interest rates still at an all time low, people are purchasing in Brooklyn like crazy!

There’s a buying frenzy all over the borough. The combination of all these factors has put Brooklyn in the forefront of places to live. I’m proud to say that I’M a Brooklynite, originally from Long Island!!!

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